A range of degreasers produced with exclusive raw materials and a very effective formulation to remove grease and dirt.

A complete range of household cleaners. Unique products for their formulations and compositions that combine performance, quality, convenience and sensitivity.

Degreasers, spray and products that offer so much more than the performance: pleasant fragrance, environmental sustainability and optimal dosage of active substances.

Our Features

Result-oriented products and cleaners

The company success is based on excellent concepts and values like the products performance, high service quality, competitive price and a special aptitude for the environmental protection as well as an endless passion for research and innovation.


The company makes use of strictly selected suppliers and an expert and highly qualified technical staff.


The constant products testing, their improvement and evolution provide the guarantee of products quality.


MK-KEMIJA pays always attention to the research and development of the innovative formulas that can meet the needs of the fields where it works.


Attractive packaging and labels are the aesthetic prerogatives of all the brands that turn to careful customers as well as quality and elegance.


KLOWER, SIMPLYX and MKIS cleaners and products meet the special needs of different areas, from household to professional and HO.RE.CA field.

Capillary distribution

The company is able to offer delivery services and personalized distribution all over Europe and all around the world.



KLOWER brand products represent a genuine innovation in the cleaning field of Cars&Moto, bike, RC cars and even in the kitchen. Degreasers with incomparable effectiveness to remove all kinds of dirt including traces of grease nature. Innovative and largely tested formulas that mix cleaning performance and sensitivity to take care of the riskiest surfaces such as those of cars and motorcycle. Perfect also for the professional kitchen cleaning and on all the surfaces showing oily and dirty residues.

Simple clean - Made in Italy


A set of products designed for household cleaning including hygienic spray trigger cleaners and rinse aids for the cleaning of all the house contexts: from bathroom to kitchen. It includes also a range of products for the steel cleaning, polishing, hands and laundry cleaners. Symplix effectively cleans and takes care of your hands leaving a pleasant and soft sensation and a nice perfume. The set includes 750 ml trigger spray bottles and convenient formats like 1 litre bottles for the floor cleaning and the 3 litre bottles for the laundry.



All the MKIS cleaners are designed and created for professional cleaning, primarily dedicated to HO.RE.CA world of restaurants, hotel, catering and all the business contexts that may require products in compliance with HACCP rules. Cleaners and degreasers formulated to remove the dirt rapidly and efficiently taking care of the surfaces. Degreasers and spray that really offer so much more than performance: nice fragrance, environmental sustainability, optimal dosage of active substances and simple handing thanks to the ergonomic flasks and the special triggers used.



Specific cleaners that rapidly and efficiently remove the typical dirt like grease, oil, dust and various residues from cars, motorcycles, wheels, tires and RC cars.