A full range of cleaners mainly designed for the professional use. Degreasers, polishing cleaners, hands cleaners that combine performance and sustainability.


Top professional clean

Products and cleaners of MKIS line are created and designed for the cleaning of professional contexts in particular they are dedicated to HO.RE.CA world, so restaurants, hotel, catering and all other contexts that require products in compliance with HACCP regulations. Cleaners and degreasers formulated to remove rapidly and reliably the soil and taking care of the surfaces. Degreasers and spray that offer so much more than performance: pleasant fragrance, environmental sustainability, optimal dosage of active ingredients and perfect handling thanks to the ergonomic containers and to the special nebulizer used.

Comfortable and practical

MKIS products are easily handy thanks to the comfortable nebulizer.


The ergonomic grip allows the product application everywhere, even to reach the most remote spaces.

Top efficacy

MKIS degreasers have a great efficacy against the grease and the strongest soil.

In the kitchen

Products can be used on shelves, stove, hoods and filters, ovens, walls and tiles and also for the cleaning of household appliances.