The company


Professional and household cleaners

MK-KEMIJA studies the formulations, selects raw materials, takes care of the whole production process and the packaging design of the products and unique and functional cleaners.

When it all began

The year was 2016

MK-KEMIJA was founded in 2016. An Italian young and dynamic management with a strong experience gives rise to this company which is intended to be an innovative in every side. A clear and evident mission: to bring into the Italian, European and global market and in the cleaning field cleaners and degreasers with high performances and an extremely catchy look&feel.

The MK-KEMIJA headquarters is located in Koper, Capodistria, a city in Slovenia, located 20 km from Trieste.

The development

Ideas come to life

Ideas come to life in 2017. Tests on the first formulations start with the purpose to develop an innovative formula with highly selected raw materials for proven efficiency cleaners. The pilot project is that of the degreaser in order to leverage the birth of KLOWER brand.

In MK-KEMIJA’s laboratories innovations are designed and sought, always putting in the foreground the quality and the practical use of the future products in order to have a competitive advantage on the other cleaning articles producers. This stage allows company to find out new solutions to continuously improve the products with the objective of giving the best to the customers.

The brands

The company portfolio grows

The company portfolio was finally completed in 2018 and the KLOWER, SIMPLYX and MKIS brands found their place on the market with total coverage of all the cleaning needs in the professional and household field on several international markets, from Italy to United Arab Emirates and Europe.

MK-KEMIJA offers several solutions for the household care, personal care, laundry and all the professional and HO.RE.CA contexts that need cleaners conform to the HACCP rules by guaranteeing consumers a wide choice of fragrance and formulations.